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General Liability Insurance

What Is General Liability Insurance Coverage?


General liability insurance is intended to guard operators and owners of companies from claims that may come from a broad spectrum of sources. These exposures could be just about anything, including liability engendered by accidents from the operations of the insured party, contractual liability, products manufactured by the insured party, etc.

For example, Commercial Liability Insurance coverage can help cover the costs related to claims of:


  • Bodily injury or property damage – for claims that your business caused someone bodily harm or damaged someone's property.

  • Reputational harm – for claims of malicious prosecution, libel, slander, wrongful eviction, violation of the right of privacy and more.

  • Advertising errors – for claims of copyright infringement in your advertisements.

  • Medical payments – to help cover medical costs if someone sustains an injury at your business.

  • Damage to rented property – if the property you rent is damaged by fire, lightning or explosion.

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